About Alan Toh

About Alan Toh



Year 2000 - Marketing Executive

Year 2001 – Marketing Manager,

Year 2002 – Marketing Director

Year 2003 – Senior Marketing Director

Year 2004 – Awarded with National Skills Recognition System, ERA Asia Pacific Elite Award Winner

Year 2005- 1st runner up Overall Top Manager, ERA Platinum Club in 2005

Year 2006 – Overall ERA Top Manager

Year 2007 – Top Division Director

Year 2008 – Top Senior Division Director , ERA Asia Pacific Elite Award Winner

Year 2009 - Top Group Division Director

Year 2010 – Ten Year Service in ERA

Year 2011 - Senior Group Division Director

Year 2012/3/4 - Executive Group Division Director

Year 2015 -2019 - Top EGDD

Year 2020 - Advisory Group Division Director


Alan has achieved recognition by the company; being awarded multiple times. Since year 2002, Alan has been topping the charts for the ERA Top 50 Achievers Award. With his outstanding performance, Alan was also recognized to be one of the ERA Asia Pacific Elite Winners in year 2004 and was also awarded as the 1st runner-up ERA Top Manager. The following year, he won the prestigious ERA Top Manager Award. As an enthusiast, Alan was also a member of ERA Gold Club in 2004 and Platinum Club in 2005. His current future plans for himself are to buy more properties and immerse in high investments.


When Alan became a leader, he shared with his downline all the experience he gained throughout his 20 years and counting. Through this, his downline learnt how to avoid the tough situations he faced, and how to repeat the good ones that he encountered. He provides direct guidance to his downline by advising them with precise directions they could take. Alan also mentioned that in this career, “The sky is the limit. - If you aim high, there’s always a step higher that you can reach out to.” There is an abundance of opportunities to succeed as long as you do it right.


“I gain my satisfaction and achievement from seeing how the knowledge and advice I shared with my group of agent investors have benefited them through their jobs and investments.” - Alan


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2019 Annual Award Presentation - AGDD Alan Toh




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